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2010-07-07 04:29:43 by sucknorris

Leave your hate message here, you gay stupid whore (<--- That should inspire you.)

flashforward cancelled

2010-06-07 09:53:47 by sucknorris

Maybe you have heard aboubt it, maybe you haven't, maybe you don't care. But flashforward was cancelled after one season. In my opinion this is a pity, for the whole concept was very interesting and in fact i enjoyed every episode. Okay, maybe it wasn't as great as it could have been, but at least it wasn't as shitty as some other series that are nevertheless continued. So what do you think?

flashforward cancelled

I got banned from posting reviews for 12 days*, so i've got time to play Bloons TD 4. here is my latest defense system.

QUESTION: how many frames do you guess did i get per second when the bloons came in?

*do you remember the infamous movie of the kid dancing to "jem is truly outrageous"? i sayd that it's "stupid gay white trash", and NG was not amused...

my impenetratable fortress. Bloons TD 4

new muvee

2009-10-22 21:06:03 by sucknorris

A new flash is out. go and watch it. be nice and vote 5. i love you. my mommy is a milf. if you vote 5 and the score of my flash gets over 3.6 i will post some pics of my mommy's boobs. i love yuo.

watch annd vote 5 here:
watch and vtoe 5 here!!!

fcuk you.

Does anyone know if there is a cure? Please help me!

You won't believe what happend this morning in my pants...

Man, what am I doing? Am I really sitting here for about an hour watching this little guy flying to Mars and beyond?

My Hedgehog won't come down...


2009-06-18 06:06:57 by sucknorris

at the moment the first season of 'the fringe' is on german television. and i really like this series but there is a point which simply ruins the whole creepy atmosphere: the villain is a german.

that musn't be bad but the series wants to present him as a typicall german, while i - as i am german - know that we are kinda different to this guy. it's simply wrong that his way of evil thinking stands in connection to his german roots. again, i don't want to complain about the overused german villain but for germans these villains are simply not enjoyable because they know that this cannot be serious. it's the same for russians who watch a show presenting a russian villain who seems to be the alter ego of stalin. it makes the whole thing more funny than creepy.

so what do you think?


holy disturbance!

2009-05-30 02:24:28 by sucknorris

so what do you answer?

holy disturbance!

Mwahaha, look at this!

2009-05-10 06:38:01 by sucknorris

Even in death the queen stands tall! ;D

Mwahaha, look at this!

The Puzzle of the Flesh

2008-12-07 21:51:55 by sucknorris

If you haven't already heard something about the SpoonyOne then it's just about time to make you know him. Join the infamous adventures of Phantasmagoria 2, The Puzzle of the Flesh and always remember kids: disco dance! disco dance! disco dance! ;)

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Oh yeah, maybe you should watch the first 17 parts first to enjoy it the most: 3 hours of insane fun!